About Us


We've been designing and professionally screen printing garments for over nine years. Like most passions, this one started with a seed of an idea. It grew from late nights, printing on a kitchen table, to a full-service, family-run company that sells clothing and accessories to customers nationwide. Though our center of production has skipped and hopped through several North Carolina hamlets, we’ve settled into our current, light-filled pastoral digs with relish. We’re spitting distance from the center of historic Pittsboro, NC, and steps away from a carpet of grass and the thick stand of forest that abuts our backyard workshop.
Flytrap is a steadfastly local business, even if we are not your local business. Our fabrics, leather, inks, dyes, and paper goods are all US-made. The seamstress that creates many of our garments lives in the same county. The milk and eggs in our refrigerator come from cows and chickens that graze just down the road. We trade t-shirts for breakfast at the local B&B, beans from our favorite local coffee roaster, and hearty greens from the farmer's market. We invest our profits in a network of farmers, artisans, and small businesses, so when you buy our products, your dollars support local enterprise and help our small community thrive.


Our Name

The Venus Flytrap is native to the Green Swamp area of coastal North and South Carolina, the same salty stretch of earth that roots our own family. Rare and nearly impossible to cultivate, the flytrap requires lush, fertile environments and a near-endless supply of clean running water to stimulate its growth. Environmentally inspired and artfully produced, Flytrap Clothing is as fresh and uncommonly beautiful as our brand namesake.