A New Leaf

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For Valentine's Day, Eric gave me a beautiful set of wood-handled gardening tools before I'd even gotten out of bed.  This is our first Spring in our new house, and we've cleared out space for a kitchen herb garden just outside our backdoor.  There is such a particular character to all our preparatory work.  You start clearing out weeds, pine cones, sod--even broken concrete and rocks--for the beautiful flowers and herbs and vegetables you'll one day have.  As you go, though, you notice yourself getting into the clearing work for its own sake.  How inspiring it is to see a transformation unfold! 

And that is also the story of Flytrap these past few months--we have massive changes going on!  What started as a compulsory post-holiday refreshing has turned into an all-out reinvention.  We're launching this beautiful brand new website and this new blog, and even our photos have an updated look (since Eric painted our photo studio a nice flat black for better contrast).  

Our refreshed product lines are, of course, the element that keeps the ball rolling.  Like a gardener digging out a space for herbs she'll one day grow, I updated our website for scarves I'd one day design.  The next thing I knew, I was flooded with inspiration for Spring:  change, growing things, and bright, fresh colors.  We're introducing two new lines, and I can't decide which I like better.  First, we designed some seamless fabric patterns in soft, warm palettes and had them printed just for us on organic, US-made cotton fabric.  We're using that fabric for simple little cowls--they go around your neck once, just perfect for these cool months and for Summer evenings ($45).  Second, we designed a more traditional infinity scarf style that wraps around twice, but we selected the softest and sheerest cotton jersey we could find to keep them quite breathable and appropriate for the season ($32).  And I'm not ashamed to say--I made myself a prototype to see if it was comfortable and then wore it for three days.


Here's to Spring!  May it hasten along, bringing more and more blooms each week.  We'll be adding new tunics and dresses as the season warms and spending our free time in our new garden bed.

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