Long Scarf Bundle

  • Hey, you know what's always in fashion? A great deal. Here's one: all our long scarves are originally priced at $28 each, but you can get three at a time for $72. That saves you $12 that you can put towards retirement or graduate school or a sweet new t-shirt and gives you an extra couple of scarves you can give as gifts. Win-win.

    Scarves are the perfect accessories, and Flytrap Clothing scarves are super-soft, feather-light, and just the thing for all seasons. (And because we know you're as busy as we are, we make them washer/dryer safe. Toss 'em in.)
  • Every shirt, dress, scarf, and skirt from Flytrap Clothing features our own original designs, and we screen print them by hand in our backyard workshop here in North Carolina.

    SIZE: Approximate dimensions are 93" x 16".  Our scarves are long enough to wrap around your neck once or twice and still have enough length on the ends for everything to stay put.

    FIBER CONTENT: Varies. See individual scarf listings for details.

    CARE: Please wash in cold water and tumble dry on medium, or line dry if you wish to avoid shrinkage. Do not iron the print.

    Paper Crane - Magenta
    Pineapple Flowers - Black
    Poppy Illustration - Cream

Collections: Accessories, Made In the USA

Type: Scarves

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