Succulent Cinch-Waist Tunic

  • My great-aunt Honey was the very definition of thrift. She raised nine children on one war pension and turned frugality into art form. She planted "hen and chicks" succulents along her sidewalk because they would endlessly reproduce until her whole flowerbed was filled with them, all from just a few initial purchases. 

    You'll find many outfits from this one garment--just like thrifty Aunt Honey might have. The blousy upper body and Dolman sleeves boast a forgiving drape, while the drop tail hem begs for a pair of leggings and a sweet pair of boots. (This might be an outfit we choose on those days we'd secretly rather be wearing pajamas, and no one has to know a thing about it. Ssssh.)
  • Every shirt, dress, scarf, and skirt from Flytrap Clothing features our own original designs, and we screen print them by hand in our backyard workshop here in North Carolina. 

    FIBER CONTENT: 65% polyester, 35% viscose

    CARE: Please wash in cold water and tumble dry on medium, or line dry if you wish to avoid shrinkage. Do not iron the print.
    Small / 32-34" bust / Sizes 2-4
    Medium / 34-36" bust / Sizes 6-8
    Large / 36-38" bust / Sizes 10-12
    X-Large / 40-42" bust / Sizes 14-16

    We get the sizing information above from our manufacturers and then double check it against feedback from our models and customers, but without having a fashion industry standard for what constitutes a "medium," we know that online shopping can be a bit of a guessing game. We want to get your order right the first time, so we came up with this time-tested, tried and true formula for the most accuracy in sizing: lay one of your favorite tees flat on a table, and measure the width across the chest, underneath the sleeves. Then you can compare that flat measurement with the following measurements and leave the guesswork behind!

    Because of the loose fit of this particular dress, we do think it's helpful to order a size slightly wider than your favorite shirt.

    Small / 18.5" flat measurement
    Medium / 19.5" flat measurement
    Large / 20" flat measurement
    X-Large / 20.5" flat measurement

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