Scarf Cuff Bundle

  • You know what's better than one of our brilliant rosette-style leather scarf cuffs? Three of them! The cuffs are priced individually at $30 but you can get three for $80, saving you $10 which you can put towards a snuggly new scarf and securing your place as Most Stylish Giver of Gifts when you unload the extras on your sisters. 

    Our scarf cuffs add just the right amount of attitude to a snuggly scarf. On an infinity style, the cuff serves as a decoration, but it will also hold a traditional, straight scarf in place all day no matter how blustery!

    Each piece of leather is molded by hand, dyed using our own custom blended colors, waxed and buffed, and finally riveted so that it comes together, literally, with a snap. Cuff is 6" long (from snap to snap) so it's a perfect fit on nearly any chunky scarf. 
  • Flytrap Clothing has been in business since 2008, and our leatherwork has always consisted of raw materials made in the USA. Everything from the leather itself to our tools, dyes, and even the paper packaging represents American manufacturing and the highest quality we can find.

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